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Success Tips For Real Estate Investment

Here are some tips that should help you succeed as a real estate investor:
1.  Don’t limit yourself to just one location or to where you reside.  You can own properties in various states or provinces or even various countries.  Don’t limit yourself to just where you reside.
2.  Start with what you have. This is even more applicable to lands.  Don’t  wait  until  you  have money to  buy  acres  or hectares of land before  getting into  real estate. You can start by acquiring plots of land or half of a plot of land.
3.  Be careful not to fall into the hands  of  the dubious property  agents or  dealers.
4.  Make sure to do your investigation about the genuineness of a property before committing money to it.
5.   Better to acquire lands with Certificate of Occupancy, sometimes referred to as C of  O. This might not be applicable in your country.  However, find out the government laws about real estates and land acquisition in your country and seek to abide by it.
6.  If you are not within  the vicinity  of your  properties  (perhaps  you  stay  abroad)  it  is  better  to contract real estate managers to help  you  manager your  properties. Sometimes, you might not get the full returns  or effective management that  you  need if you allow family members manage the business for  you,  if you  stay abroad.
7.  If you have a  land  and  you  are not  yet  ready to  start developing  it, you can use the  land  for  agricultural purposes, pending when  you  get   funds to developing the land. Leaving a property fallow might attract land grabbers or intruders.
8.  Consider acquiring properties in an organised housing estate. Buying  properties in  an organised  housing  estate has some advantages which  includes  higher chances of genuineness of the  property, security of the property  and being  able to pay  for  the property  in  installments. There are many new housing estates coming up. Just inquire and you will find several of them.
9.  Avoid buying properties in volatile areas. I mean areas that are prone to riots, religious or racial conflicts. In these areas, the value of a property can drastically depreciate when such conflicts occur.
10. Always use the services of real estate lawyers in your real estate business transactions. These lawyers help you to bring in the legal touch to your business, which is very vital to the business.
11. Have a well-defined plan in place for going into real estate investment. Your plan will help to keep you focused on what matters most to you. This is vital  to your success in the business.
12. Do not over diversify in real estate investment. Do not  invest  in  too  many classes  of  real estate investments which might  be  difficult  for you to manage. If you  have  the resources to  acquire and manage residential or apartment  buildings or  lands or office buildings  or  other structures, just acquire as much  as you  would be able  to effectively manage  and  make a business success out of them.

Conclusion In the early 1980s, Pastor E. A. Adeboye and his church started acquiring lands at the outskirt of Nigeria’s commercial hub, Lagos, Nigeria at  a very cheap  price.  At that time, no  one  would  agree  to go to such  a very  underdeveloped place to  buy  land  and  so cost of lands there was very cheap. Now, that area has developed massively and is almost regarded as part of Lagos, even though it’s in Ogun state. The church now has many acres of land there in what is now popularly known as the Redemption Camp, which is worth millions of dollars. If you  have  neglected or avoided  real estate  investment in  the past,  now is the  time to start  shifting  your attention  to it. The best time to have started investing in real estate was about 20 or 10 years ago. However, another good time to start is just now. Those who heed to the advice in this article will be among the landlords of tomorrow. I hope you will be among them?

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